In honor of the two conflicting holidays

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Timestamp: 1397965843

Came home to my buddha and new glasses. #ayyy #fuckyouastigmatism #turtleteam @razoberry

Timestamp: 1397955718

I know it was a vacation,

But i miss home and my dog/angel face

Realized how much i lovw headwear in general not just my beanies :D

Timestamp: 1397288210

Had to make a stop. #illest (at Illest Hawaii)

Timestamp: 1397263234

Till next time.. Now to Honolulu

Timestamp: 1397190150

Perfection. #shavedice (at Lahaina Harbor)

Timestamp: 1397179918

Finally water! #swimtime (at Lahaina Harbor)

Timestamp: 1397160503

Can i build a house here? #beautiful #futurehome (at Thurston Lava Tube)

Timestamp: 1397083222